Friday, March 17, 2017

Guest Post ~ 5 Turkey Hunting Tips

5 Turkey Hunting Tips Every Beginner Must Know Before Venturing Into The Woods

A beginner turkey hunter?

Congrats. You’ve just joined one of the most fun activities man ever discovered. It dates back to centuries ago when the man used to hunt the birds for food and fun.
But one thing most people will never tell you is that hunting these birds isn’t always a walk in the park. They’re highly engaging, intelligent creatures.
You might have to spend hours before you successfully entice one to your range.
But with the beginner turkey hunting tips and tactics I’m about to share with you below, you’ll easily sail through the turkey woods on your very first day.
Here we go…

1. Pick A Favorable Hunting Spot
The No.1 mistake all beginner hunters make is dipping their feet into the turkey woods without first identifying a particular area to hunt. If you want to hunt the birds, you ought to go where they are.
Assuming you’ve already identified the area you wish to hunt in, obtain a large map for the same. Mark a large location where you’re likely to find the turkeys, narrow it down to a smaller area, piece of property, and eventually into a hunting zone.
You can enlist the help of area biologists, hunt club members, DNR workers, etc., to help you identify the turkey hotspots in your hunting area.
Don’t hesitate to look into private and public lands as well - juts ensure you’ve got the necessary permits.
And while scouting, look for signs like - ridges, high points, gobbling sounds, dry creeks, feathers, river bottoms, droppings, power lines, etc.

2. What’s The Best Time To Hunt?
This is the sad truth - turkey hunting isn’t the game for folks who like sleeping. Get up early, earlier than the birds.
Although most beginners prefer hunting in the middle of the day - which might still be viable - it’s not what I’d advise you to do…
If you can manage to get to the hunting spot you’ve identified above before the sunrise, the higher your success rates will be. You’ll minimize your chances of being spotted by the roosting birds.

3. Ensure You’re Totally Camouflaged
The wild turkey has got an excellent vision. Does that ring a bell in your mind?
It means that you’ve got to cover yourself entirely, else the bird will spot you before you even hunt them down. That alone will ruin your hopes of bagging any bird.
Cover yourself from head to toe - consider wearing camo hunting jackets, turkey vests, long-sleeved shirts, masks, and even boots (black ones will do better).
Above all, always ensure that your camo colors blend well with the environment you’re hunting in. Of course, this will depend on the time of the year you’re hunting in.
Take Note: No matter how well camouflaged you are, the birds can still notice you if you keep making some random movements. Still yourself!

4. Bring Along The Decoys