Saturday, July 16, 2011

Deer Sir Ugly!

I came across the other day an old picture of Sir Ugly that I felt so sorry for that I had him mounted on a plaque.

Bob and I were members at the time of Brown's Point Hunting Club on Kings Point Island.  You could only get there by a ferry boat on the Yazoo River.  I loved hunting at Brown's Point and have a lot of good memories there.  This one particular hunt, my friend Lynn, who was just beginning to hunt and I were hunting together near the Mississippi River on No. 36 or 37 deer stand which was located off the main road and back towards an incline.  At the bottom is where Sir Ugly stepped out at about 60 yards.  I thought it was a doe and so did she and shot dropping it in its tracks.  After waiting about 20 minutes we walked down to check on the deer and was not dead.  I had a .22 pistol with me and let her shoot it in the head.  We got back on the stand and waited for another deer. This deer would be a soldier's deer for his family who was a member and wanted Lynn to shoot it for him.  After about an hour or so, a doe appears out of nowhere and she told me to go ahead and shoot it.  I shot and it ran off. After awhile we both got down and I was showing her how to track a deer and only had tissue paper on me at the time.  She was excited and so was I about tracking this deer and placing the tissue everywhere we saw blood.  All of a sudden, Bob comes along walking down the main road next to the river and asked us who was doing all the shooting.   I told him that I shot the ugliest deer in the woods and now we were looking for the other deer. He said, "It's laying right here!" He almost stepped on it!  Well, that was the end of the fun tracking our deer.  I told him I shot this ugly deer and he said he had never seen an ugly deer before.  We all walked over and down the hill towards the buck and he said, "I have never seen an ugly deer, but this one is undoubtedly the ugliest deer I've ever seen in the woods." I think this deer just stood there and let me shoot him because he knew he was so ugly nobody wanted him.

Sir Ugly counted against Bob's buck and we were shot out!

I decided to mount Deer Sir Ugly because I felt sorry for him and now he has become quite a conversational piece in our household.

Sir Ugly
Killed by
Marian Phillips
December 1991

Proudly mounted below one of  my 8 points tanned hide that was also taken at Brown's Point Hunting Club on Kings Point Island north of Vicksburg.  (Note bullet hole in center of head)


  1. Deer Sir Ugly has rated quite well in death what he didn't in life...He has a beautiful home up on the wall in honor of his memory. He certainly was an interesting buck. :o)

  2. Yes, he was an interesting buck and I think I made him so proud after death! Thanks for coming by CDGardens...always great to have you visit.


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