Monday, September 5, 2011

My Second Buck!

I shot this buck while hunting with my husband-to-be using his 30.06.  This was one week later after I had shot my first deer ever, a 6 pt. buck, only 5 minutes on the stand.  Bob and I were at his camp Homewood Hunting Club and we were in Mike's patch in a box stand on the edge of a field when two deer came walking through and I shot the biggest one. When I shot the gun for the first time I saw fire coming out of the barrel.  The deer did not go very far.  I remember Bob taking the gun from me and shooting it again and don't know why because it was already down.  We walked over and checked and was only one bullet in it. He took this picture of me with my second buck.  Two bucks within two weekends and two bullets!  Hunting was now in my blood. 

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