Friday, January 6, 2017

Rick Small's Perfect Shot!

Rick Small Photography

I was in the middle of trying to get a decent shot of this buck with his head raised, looking at least partially in my direction, and out of the tall weeds, but... I was not having much luck.... All of a sudden, with no warning at all, he took off on a flat out run directly towards me, veering off to my right at the last second.... I literally felt the wind off his passing by so close!!!! Had me a little shook up until I realized that he was only going after a doe that had shown up behind me...... He could've cared less that I was there, but I'm sure he probably got a good laugh out of the look I had on my face as he was barreling straight toward me, that is if they can do such a thing... I swear I have seen a smile/smirk on their faces, on many occasions, after they have startled me..... Anyway I hope y'all enjoy and, as usual, sharing and comments/questions are encouraged and appreciated.

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