Wednesday, June 22, 2011

My First Deer!

While we were dating, I would go and sit with Bob, my husband-to-be, on a ridge and take my needlepoint with me and watch him hunt.  One day, I told him that I could do this and that was the beginning of my hunting experiences at the age of 45.  I had never picked up a gun or even shot one until I met him.  To get me ready for hunting, he would take me target practicing and I was soon on my way to becoming a hunter.  My first deer was a 6 pt. buck while on the stand for only five minutes (photo above).  It was opening day and it had been storming pretty bad and we stayed in our suburban until the rain let up.  In the meantime the other hunters decided to leave camp and go back home.  We went in on our 3-wheeler and Bob took me to my stand and then he walked down from me and had just sat down up against a tree near a creek bed and lit a cigarette.  Boon!  Was that her?  He waited with anticipation trying to figure out should he go and see what had happen, maybe I accidentally shot the gun off, or maybe I hurt myself?  He could not stand it anymore so he decided to come and check on me.  When he found me I was tracking my deer and had blood all over my face.  I told him that everyone had left the camp and I just went ahead initiated my own self…he said, it looked like it had shot me!  We found my deer a few feet away and I was on my way to becoming a deer huntress, which opened up a whole new world for me.  I had used my step-son’s .243 for the harvest at Jasper Bottom Hunting Club in Claiborne County, MS.


  1. wow. Is it true that the first rule in deer hunting is that you have to drink its blood if it is the first kill?

  2. Thanks for coming by are my very first commentor since I closed down my website and put it all on BLOGGER. I have never heard of drinking the blood from your first kill...only marking your face with the blood of your first kill.